Alan’s new book: Not Fade Away - Staying happy when you're over 64!

Alan writes: I’m excited to share news of my fourth book, which I have started writing. The catalyst for this project is that I need it myself: in 2018 I will turn seventy, and I’ve realised that I don’t feel easy or confident about being in my seventies. When I started to ask around, I realised that I’m not alone, and that others may want a creative ageing guide for Baby Boomers.

You may recognise two pop song titles in my book title; all the chapters use song titles too. For example, Love Me Do - Reinventing Partnership; Good Vibrations - Managing Your Health; Won’t Get Fooled Again - Change the Story.

My aim is to write a self-help book for people that don’t like the genre; this book will be light and constructive, and also concise. There will be Resources lists for deeper coverage of most topics.

As I’ve reflected on what I and others may need in moving from our mid-sixties towards our mid-seventies, I came up with three main areas, which form the three main sections of the book:

  • Finding the Gifts: because it helps to start with a focus on all the resources and upsides we have.
  • Digging the Challenges: positive, practical ways to work through such issues as handling loss, health problems and solitude.
  • Fresh Maps: a range of ways to view a situation differently as we move through this major watershed.

For an outline of the book and chapter topics, click here. I’ve realised that I have a lot of material to draw on for this book: including workshops I’ve co-led on creative ageing for men and women at Findhorn, alternatives and elsewhere, and my second book, Out Of The Woods; A Guide To Life For Men Beyond 50, which has a lot of useful material for both men and women. In addition, I’ve asked a number of my contacts to write about their experiences of approaching or turning 70, and these will be included in the book.

If this sounds of interest to you, come to my June 2-4 workshop, the Fruits of Maturity, read some of my blogs on Creative Ageing, or sign up for info and a special offer when the book is published.