February 2-4 2018: Spiritual Stewardship


With Agatha Manouche and Alan Heeks at Hazel Hill Wood. As the mainstream world gets more materialistic and self-centred, spiritual stewardship is one antidote.  It means using the huge power we humans have been given in this world, to serve the greater good of all life, as best we can discern it. In particular, spiritual stewardship invites us to listen for all the voices, all the needs, all the service possibilities, to integrate them, and work to serve and fulfil them.

This approach is especially valuable in the care of special sacred places, and for projects, teams and communities which aim to serve society, and provide some antidotes to the stresses and craziness of mainstream life.

Alan Heeks and Agatha Manouche have worked closely together as spiritual stewards for Hazel Hill Wood for twenty years.  During that time, the connection between people, nature and the spiritual realm has deepened greatly at the wood, helping the educational programmes and the forestry and conservation work.



October 13-15: Dare to Imagine


A workshop guided by Alan Heeks, Jane Sanders and ... the wood. The present is pretty overwhelming, so the future is hard to face. But let’s dare to imagine a positive upside to these pressures, and see them as an invitation to evolve into greater resilience. This weekend offers a chance for a deep, shared exploration of how to grow into the future, and what super-resilience might mean for us as individuals and groups, with this magical wood adding support and wisdom for our quest.

September 22-24: Network of Wellbeing at Hawkwood College


Alan is running a workshop as part of the Building Wellbeing Together Weekend at Hawkwood College, organised by the Network of Wellbeing: a UK based charity whose aims are to help develop networks and local groups on wellbeing. Using Hawkwood's gardens as a live learning model, Alan will be exploring what you can learn from organic gardening to cultivate your own wellbeing: for example, see how you can compost your stress, use natural energy sources, and value your wild margins.

Monday September 11: Wellbeing through Nature

wellbeing through nature.jpg

With Alan Heeks and Jane Sanders at Hazel Hill Wood. This is a Wisdom Tree event, free of charge for professionals working in or with ‘front line’ service organisations. We will explore what we can learn from nature about deepening our resilience so that daily work demands don’t deplete us and, explore some distinctive approaches and practical new responses to the daily challenges of work and life.



September 1-3: Nourish, Reflect, Refresh: A men’s support group weekend


Open up to the magic of the wood and the collective wisdom and support of a group of men. Relax and renew with camp fires, music, good food, and acres of trees. There’s scope to meet new aspects of yourself, find the subtler voices, change an old story, play a new part, and hear the collective wisdom of the group. Organised by Alan Heeks and Charles Kemp.

August 19-27: Nourishing the Heart

aug 17 event.jpg

Alan Heeks and Cordelia Prescott will be leading sessions on this theme as part of the Unicorn Dancing Spirit Camp near Bradford-on-Avon, Somerset. They will offer simple practices to nourish the heart through the stresses of everyday life and big transitions




Tuesday July 25: Exploring AD2050 - how long-term insights can help progressive business now

A chance to see if your organisation’s strategy could benefit from a deep sense of our long-term future. The free of charge seminar will be facilitated by Ian Roderick, Director of Schumacher Institute, and Alan Heeks at The Engine Shed, Bristol.



Monday June 19: Nourishing The Front Line Taster and Collaboration Day

In 2017 Wisdom Tree is offering a series of six days, specially developed for people in frontline occupations - health & social care, counsellors, coaches, youth workers, social workers, community workers, social entrepreneurs etc. Come along to this taster day on June 19 at the wood to experience the content of the Nourishing the Frontline programme

June 2-4: Fruits of Maturity

Alan Heeks and Jane Sanders invite you to join them at Hazel Hill Wood for a weekend in a supportive space to explore your questions about midlife and beyond, to find your gifts and inspiration, move through challenges and learn how to thrive in your 50's, 60's and 70's.

Friday June 2: Natural Happiness – the Gardener’s Way at Chelsea Physic Garden:

Natural Happiness – the Gardener’s Way uses gardening methods to help people grow their own happiness. Based on Alan’s forthcoming book, this workshop will show you how gardening skills like composting or companion planting can help you to cultivate your own wellbeing, with Chelsea Physic Garden as our learning model, 10:30-12:30

April 7-9: Wellbeing and Conservation Weekend at Hazel Hill Wood

This weekend is a chance to nourish yourself through time in the wood, and to nourish the wood with some mindful conservation. The hosting team is led by: Agatha Manouche, Alan Heeks and Marcos Frangos. For queries contact Jenny Abery:, 07984 136933

Nourishing Woodland New Year Gathering

With Deborah Latham, Alan Heeks, Linda Heeks. Dec 30 – Jan 2, Hazel Hill Wood

This is a chance to renew your energy, celebrate the old year and open to the year ahead, through sharing spiritual practices, dance, stories, and spending time in nature, as a small supportive community among the trees. Click below for full details and booking.

Wild Margins of Organisational Change

With Marcos Frangos and Alan Heeks.  10th November 2016, 9.30am-5.00pm, Hazel Hill Wood

wisdom tree.jpg

Wild Margins is a term used in ecology and permaculture to describe parts of an ecosystem that aren’t cultivated and can often provide solutions when problems
arise in the mainstream crop. What’s out of awareness in our organisations; excluded, ignored or repressed? Drawing from the inspiring setting of Hazel Hill Wood, participants will have the opportunity to bring real-life scenarios to explore what’s in the wild margins, using a variety of methods to do this.  The aim is to bring you new sources of resilience, greater self-awareness and creativity to your organisations.  For full flyer click here.

Natural Happiness - the Gardener's Way

Saturday October 29, Bridport, West Dorset - with Alan Heeks

Would you like better ways to stay positive amid the pressures of daily life and work?  Imagine cultivating your human nature as a gardener tends a garden: that’s the idea we’ll explore in this one-day workshop, using a 1-acre garden as our live teaching model.

Alan has many years’ experience exploring how people can grow their own wellbeing and resilience by learning from cultivated organic ecosystems, like gardens and farms. 

Finding Yourself in the Woods – A Men’s Weekend

September 2nd-4th 2016 – At Hazel Hill Woods, Salisbury

This is an invitation to relax, renew and explore in the company of men, and the magical setting of this 70-acre wood. The talents of the group and the wisdom of the wood offer a stage on which we can explore shared themes or personal situations as we want, through a range of approaches, and just being here. 
In this very different setting, out on the land with a campfire, there’s scope to meet new aspects of yourself, find the subtler voices and the deeper melody, change an old story, play a new part, and hear the collective wisdom of the group. Several Shakespeare plays use the forest as a place to find your true values, and this wood can help us explore male archetypes in the play of life. 

Dancing Spirit Camp

August 20th-28nd 2016 – Led by Alan Heeks and Cordelia Prescott
Near Bradford on Avon

Alan Heeks and Cordelia Prescott will be leading sessions on the theme Nourishing Heart and Soul.  Everyday life can be tough – but we can see this as a call to care for ourselves more deeply.  As times get bumpier, we need to dig deeper and rise higher to nourish ourselves and raise our resilience.  In these sessions we’ll offer a range of approaches to help you nourish your heart and soul.

Ozark Camp, Missouri

Led by Alan Heeks and Elizabeth Reed
May 27 –June 1st 2016

Alan and Elizabeth will be leading classes on the theme Return to True Nature.  As the challenges of a chaotic society grow, these sessions are a chance to reconnect with nature as a spiritual guide and nurturer, with awareness of the balance between masculine and feminine.  We’ll delve into processes including connection with nature and the elements, creativity,

Natural Happiness: the roots of resilience

April 22nd-24th 2016: – Led by Alan Heeks and Jane Sanders.  Hazel Hill Wood, Salisbury

How can we stay happy and fulfilled in our life and work in the midst of change and uncertainty? What can we learn from nature about deepening our resilience so that daily demands don’t deplete us?
This week-end we’ll be exploring these questions in the magical setting of a 70 acre wood in full spring. The first aim is to slow down, relax and be nourished. As we deepen into peace and simple presence, the heart of mindfulness, we’ll then explore how our sense of community can grow to include the collective wisdom of nature and the ‘more than human’ world as well as people.

Exploring the Soul’s Journey

February 27th-28th 2016 – with Alan Heeks and Cordelia Prescott. 
A retreat at The Abbey, Oxford.

This retreat offers a safe, supportive space to explore how can we enrich and guide our life by a deeper understanding and dialogue with our soul? If our soul is on a longer journey, before and after this current lifetime, what does it want now? What are we here for? A classic teaching in Sufi and other traditions is to enrich your living by including your dying: in other words, to face consciously our death and what may be beyond it, can move us beyond fears into truly enjoying and fulfilling ourselves through the gift of this lifetime/incarnation.

A Men’s Group

Hazel Hill Wood, August 28th-31th 2015
Manfulness & Mindfulness – with Alan Heeks & Marcos Frangos

A chance to relax, renew, and reflect in the company of men and this magical 70 acre wood. Men of all ages are welcome. Our long weekend will include group sessions, solo time in the woods, doing conservation work together, relaxing with campfires and good food. And exploring Manfulness is a quality unique to each man, waiting for us each to find it. We men often feel we’re less than, but together we can realise we’re all ‘more than’.

The Spiritual Roots of Resilience

Nomadic wisdom for our changing times
7th-8th March 2015 – with Alan Heeks & Cordelia Prescott

The times in which we live are truly challenging, and they invite a response of courage and resilience from us all if we are to take positive steps into our own future. New role models and guidance from great teachers can help us deepen our spiritual roots. The spiritual wisdom of the desert, its prophets, and the Bedouin nomads who still live there, can teach us a lot about well-being and resilience amid great uncertainty. This retreat explores original teachings on this theme from the Christian, Islamic and Jewish traditions, and from modern day nomads in the Tunisian Sahara.

The Natural Roots of Resilience

Wisdom From The Wood
April 24th-26th 2015 – with Alan Heeks & Marcos Frangos

Resilience is the skills to nurture our well-being amid the rising levels of change and uncertainty that most of us face in everyday life. This weekend we’ll explore the roots of resilience in human nature: how inspiration and appreciation give us strength, how mindfulness can keep us centred and calm, and how systemic constellations and other methods help us deepen fellowship and improve the dynamics of our relationships with others. We will also draw on the nourishment and wisdom of this magical 70-acre wood: with solo time for guidance, learning from this resilient ecosystem.

Creative Maturity – Ripening to Wisdom

A 7-day event – with Alan Heeks and Ineke Vollebregt.

As we look forward to our upcoming Creative Maturity event: Inner Peace in a Changing World, I was thinking about a similar one, Exploring Elderhood, Ineke and I led a week in 2013, which proved to be a powerful experience for all of us on the group, and for others in the Findhorn community. I wanted to share some of this experience with you. We hoped to explore elderhood on the inner and outer, individual and collective levels, and amply fulfilled this hope. We dug below the fear and denial so common about ageing and dying, and recognised the gifts and joys of elderhood, as well as the losses.