Upcoming Events

February 2-4 2018: Spiritual Stewardship


With Agatha Manouche and Alan Heeks at Hazel Hill Wood. As the mainstream world gets more materialistic and self-centred, spiritual stewardship is one antidote.  It means using the huge power we humans have been given in this world, to serve the greater good of all life, as best we can discern it. In particular, spiritual stewardship invites us to listen for all the voices, all the needs, all the service possibilities, to integrate them, and work to serve and fulfil them.

This approach is especially valuable in the care of special sacred places, and for projects, teams and communities which aim to serve society, and provide some antidotes to the stresses and craziness of mainstream life.

Alan Heeks and Agatha Manouche have worked closely together as spiritual stewards for Hazel Hill Wood for twenty years.  During that time, the connection between people, nature and the spiritual realm has deepened greatly at the wood, helping the educational programmes and the forestry and conservation work.

April 20-22 2018: The Hero's Journey: Discover Yourself


A men’s journey of discovery with Will Gethin and Alan Heeks. This weekend is a chance to go through the stages of the Hero’s Journey, the archetypal process of transformation as described by mythologist Joseph Campbell. You will have the support of a group of men sharing the journey, experienced guides, and the magic of this 70-acre conservation woodland.


April 23 2018: Frontline Futures - The Positive View


With Alan Heeks and Daniel Körner at Hazel Hill Wood. Years of shrinking resources and rising client demands mean that many front-line teams find the future outlook unimaginable. This day offers a supportive space and creative processes to face the issues and think well outside the box. We will explore together how you can approach every challenge or problem as an opportunity to learn, grow and reframe the picture of the service you offer and the skills and resources available.This is part of the Wisdom Tree Nourishing the Front Line programme.

June 22-24 2018: Creative Spirit


Bring inspiration and creative juice to your life and work. With Alan Heeks and Cordelia Jilani Prescott. Renewing our creativity, and our connection with the bigger picture, is a great way to recover our resilience, and our sense of how we’d like our life to be, when everyday pressures can easily leave us depleted. Supported by the magic and vitality of a beautiful wood in mid-summer, this weekend will offer various ways to explore these themes.



July 21-30 2018: Unicorn Voice Camp, Germany

unicorn 2018.jpg

Alan Heeks and Cordelia Jilani Prescott will be leading sessions on Sufi Life Wisdom with dances and meditation.

See more at www.unicorncamps.de




Nov 10-20 The Roots of Joy – Nourish your Body Heart & Soul in Southern Morocco.


Alan Heeks and Cordelia Jilani Prescott. Relax, reflect and renew amid the warm land and people of Southern Morocco, learning from Nature about the roots of joy, and grow your wellbeing from the roots up. This trip combines a truly magical holiday with some inner and group exploration, including meditation, mantra dance, inspiring Sufi practices and lots more.