Resilience is the ability to bounce back and move forward under pressure: to raise your wellbeing and effectiveness amid high levels of change and complexity. Raising resilience in work teams can reduce stress, conflict and absence levels, and improve productivity, collaboration, and comfort with uncertainty and change.
Wisdom Tree is a small team of committed professionals. We support individuals, work organisations and communities to learn the skills and behaviours needed to thrive in these turbulent times. We work with you to develop the practical tools, resources and culture that seed, nourish and sustain individual and organisational resilience and wellbeing.



Our vision is of flourishing organisations and communities where people are confident, happy, productive and able to look after themselves and each other now and into the future. Wisdom Tree aims to fulfil this vision by:

1. Providing supportive space and practical skills to raise resilience and nourish wellbeing, enabling busy people to reconnect with their own wisdom and find resilient ways of moving forward amid the pressures of our times.
2. Offering programmes at our base, Hazel Hill Wood, and other natural settings, to help people draw nourishment and insights from nature and the principles of natural resilience.

Our approach draws on what has helped us and our clients, and grows from well-proven methods such as mindfulness, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, NLP, and natural systems. We are good at facilitating supportive space for people to explore issues, gain new skills and insights, and ground them in everyday life and work. We can co-create change programmes and we offer a toolkit of resilience resources that enable people to remain confident and productive under pressure.

For more information, see the Wisdom Tree website