Natural Happiness Workshop: Hazel Hill, April 22-24

This was a wonderful weekend, combining Alan’s natural happiness model, Jane’s gifts in mindfulness and eco-psychology, and the sheer magic of this wood at bluebell time.  Here are some comments from participants:

“The beauty of the venue and the woods, the warmth, openness and skill of the facilitators; the generosity of the group; the music, mediation, mirroring, and mucking in.  A lovely spaciousness in the programme.  And a sense of peace a groundedness which settled on me as the weekend progressed and is with me still.”

“I loved the model.  It is a lovely way to reflect on personal wellbeing as an integrated part of nature.” 

 “I valued the safe space that was created in which to explore, the movement between being indoors and outdoors, the yummy food, the delightful wood and the holding it offered.”

“I’ve been able to sink deeper into myself, and from that place, observe deeply.”

“I need to make a plan about what supports my resilience.  With a group of people like this, and in this setting, I feel so nourished.”

Alan’s model was woven through a series of experiences which shaped the weekend, including group sessions around a camp fire, plus solo time in the wood.  A special feature of the weekend was the way the whole group became an organism, with the same resilience and vitality as the ecosystem we were learning from.

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