How many times have you sat in a garden and felt a weight lifting from your shoulders? There could be a number of reasons for this – maybe gardens hold special memories for you; or fresh air and being outdoors really does ‘blow the cobwebs away’.

Some would say it could be being closer to nature, sensing the processes, rhythms and energy of the natural world. This of course is the principle that Natural Happiness is founded on and is neatly and succinctly explored in a news series of films we have put together that use elements of the garden to show how all of us how we can support our own resilience and wellbeing.

Called Beautiful Garden Wisdom For Your Daily Nourishment, the films use budding crocuses in spring, winter honeysuckle, hardy herbs, greenhouses and much more to inspire and explain how our minds can look at issues and problems in different ways.

The films are short – between 30 and 40 seconds – designed to be shareable via social media, so we can spread the word as a community that in the dark days – and there have been a few of those lately! – we can always look at the garden, or nature in general, to guide us to calm and positive places.

We will be promoting the films on social media – so if you see them, please feel free to share to spread that sense of communal support. For now, you can see the first one – Light and Shade – on our YouTube channel: