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I’ve been closely involved with Jem Bendell’s Deep Adaptation approach since November 2018: it hasn’t all been easy. I’ve gained a lot: better information, a clearer framework for my ideas, and a network of colleagues. But I’ve also been living with weekly doses of alarming information, and my own capacity for resilience remains stretched. To see my overview blog about Deep Adaptation, click here.

In 2019, I learned more about Deep Adaptation as a participant in events with Jem and others, and laid the groundwork for several Deep Adaptation initiatives which I’m co-leading in 2020. Here’s an overview:

Leading Through Storms: this is a ten-month programme to support business leaders to navigate the climate crisis, both as individuals and for their organisations. We’re offering four residential workshops in the catalytic setting of Hazel Hill Wood, plus online individual coaching and small group sessions. Deep Adaptation is one of several key approaches, and Jem Bendell will lead some sessions in our first workshop on May 12-14. For full details download the event flyer.

Adaptation in Local Communities: In December 2019 I convened an open meeting in my hometown, Bridport: a coastal market town in Dorset. It was attended by representatives of local environmental groups, local churches, the Town Council and others. As a result, some of us are exploring a number of specific issues, especially food security: see my separate blog on this issue. I have now commissioned a research study on food security and climate adaptation in local communities in Southern England, and will be sharing results from this in Spring 2020. To see more on the Bridport initiative, click here. I’m also co-leading a one-day introduction to Deep Adaptation in Bridport on April 18, details here.

Deep Adaptation – a spiritual exploration: One reason I was drawn to work with Jem is that he sees climate change as a spiritual and emotional crisis, not just a logistical one. I am co-leading a long weekend to explore spiritual aspects, such as seeking deeper meaning and healing, at Hazel Hill Wood, March 20-22. For more details, click here.

Future Conversations: One of my achievements in 2019 was to help organise and fund three pilot programmes, helping disadvantaged communities to explore resilience to future challenges, especially climate change. The response to all three pilots (in Brixton, Nottingham and Greenock) was very positive, and we are exploring ways to offer the programme more widely in 2020, including a Train the Trainer event. For more details of the project click here.