Natural Happiness: from regenerative agriculture to regenerative humanculture – you’re invited!

How do we live with rising chaos? For over twenty years I’ve explored how people can learn from cultivated ecosystems: analogies from gardening and organic farming can show us how to grow our own happiness. In 2021, I want to offer this approach more widely, and I’m seeking partners to work with me.

Natural Happiness feels like an idea whose time has come. In this crisis era, there’s a thirst for new approaches. One of the most exciting is regenerative agriculture. We humans are just as depleted and polluted as our planet, so there’s also an urgent need for regenerative humanculture, which is what Natural Happiness offers.

My approach is based on the Seven Seeds of Natural Happiness; and you’ll find it fully explained at To give you an example, Seed 3 is composting. In organic systems, ‘waste’ is transformed as a major source of fertility. People get the parallel easily, and there are plenty of ways to compost negative feelings and thoughts into fresh energy and insights.

My model has grown from thirty years of grassroots experience: setting up an organic farm and education centre from scratch in the 1990’s, then a conservation woodland, and a vegetable garden at home. I’ve led workshops using this approach for a wide range of people, and I’ve seen that it works. In 2021, I want to offer Natural Happiness more widely, and I’m seeking partners to work with me. My main aims are these:

  • Set up a small team who can deliver workshops, online and in person, duration from one hour to one day. Key target audiences are gardening and environmental groups. Click here for a sample writeup.
  • Find a publisher for my book on this approach: Grow your own Happiness – use gardening skills to cultivate yourself: see more about the book here.
  • Connect with producers of video, TV and audio content who’d like to use Natural Happiness in their output.
  • Get involvement from bloggers and teachers in the gardening sector, encouraging them to use and promote this approach.

If you’d like to explore any of this further, please contact me.

On March 5-7, I’ll be co-leading a weekend workshop on Natural Happiness hopefully at Hazel Hill Wood, the retreat centre I founded, or online. This will be a good way to experience the approach and explore possibilities. For full details click here.