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  • Not Fade Away: staying happy when you’re over 64: The Baby Boomer guide to creative ageing, full of practical wisdom! More info here.
  • The Find your gift in Work Workbook: a self-help guide to get into work that really fulfils you. More info here.
  • The Work Easy Workbook: how to understand and shape your emotional, physical, inspirational and mental energy so you work more effectively and enjoyably. More info here.
  • Out of the Woods: A Guide to Life for Men Beyond 50: Growing through the midlife crisis. Women have found it helpful too! More info here.

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Natural Happiness: the Gardener’s Way

Grow your resilience by learning from ecosystems

By Alan Heeks


How can you keep growing in stormy times? Where can you make a fruitful contribution? This book shows you ways to cultivate yourself like a garden, and grow your own wellbeing by learning from natural ecosystems.

The times we’re in need new skills to thrive and be fruitful.  Natural Happiness is a practical guide to help in your personal life, your community, and how you relate to the bigger issues. It shows you ways to cultivate your own human nature, and tend yourself like a garden: deepen your roots, and grow organically through all kinds of weather.

Alan Heeks learned about resilient ecosystems by creating an organic farm and a conservation woodland, and has twenty years’ experience of helping people, communities and doctors to grow their wellbeing by learning from Nature.  In this down-to-earth book, Alan explains the Seven Seeds of Natural Happiness:

  • Nourish your roots: understand, balance and renew your underlying resources.
  • Cultivate your ecosystem: use natural energy sources and gardening methods like mulching to sustain you as life gets more demanding.
  • Compost your troubles – the upsides of downsides: transform negative feelings and problems, by composting them. Grow through challenges, change the story.
  • Shaping uncertainty – the co-creative way: new skills to handle uncertainty, thrive without control, harness your intuition.
  • Natural inspiration: going deeper with Nature as a partner rooting yourself in vision, faith, a bigger picture.
  • Cultivating community: learning from ecosystems (wild margins and more); resilience skills for groups of all kinds.
  • Growing through climate change: learning from Nature about regeneration. Help from deep ecology and deep adaptation. Finding your own best response.



  1. Nourish your roots: the basics of natural happiness. How this book can help you. Take the tree test – are your roots, trunk and branches in balance? Why resilience helps your happiness. How to cultivate your ground condition: the underlying resources that feed your roots and wellbeing.  Overview of the book, and the stories behind it.
  2. Cultivate your ecosystem – natural energy sources: learn to harness clean energy sources like appreciation, instead of polluting energy from stress, caffeine etc. Apply gardening methods like pruning, crop rotation, mulching, and seasonal cycles to your life and work.  Deepening your resilience as life gets more turbulent.
  3. Compost your troubles: the upsides of downsides: in natural systems, waste is composted as a major source of fertility. How to transform your negative feelings, anxieties and problem situations by composting them. Creative conflict handling, natural communication, changing the story.
  4. Shaping uncertainty – the co-creative way: steering a natural system, whether it’s a person, a team, or a garden, needs new skills like co-creativity, tracker vision, deep listening and the Diamond Process. Your co-creative toolkit. How to manifest your vision.
  5. Natural inspiration: going deeper with Nature as a guide and partner. Drawing on soul connection, and bigger sources for insight. Inspiration for vision and recovery. Inspiration for vision and recovery.
  6. Cultivating community: see how natural systems thrive on mutual support and use diversity. Learn the skills of group dynamics, and the value of wild margins. Different kinds of community, and how to work with them, including neighbourhood groups and work teams.
  7. Growing through climate change: learning from Nature about regeneration and adaptation. Deep ecology, deep adaptation, and other helpful approaches. Perspectives, big questions, and finding your own way forward.
  8. Natural Happiness and Roots of Resilience: Toolkit: This offers longer processes or briefings to supplement Chapters 1-7, including: Personal Energy Audit, Conflict Resolution, Natural Communication, Community Mapping.

Not Fade Away - staying happy when you’re over 64

The late sixties and beyond are a landmark: a good time to choose what you want from the years ahead, and take stock of the story so far. This short, practical book offers you valuable guidance, new skills, and resources to help you to be happy in your vintage years and grow through the tough bits.

Chapters about Finding Your Gifts include Love Me Do on relationships, and Born to be Wild on fresh adventures. Digging Your Challenges includes Good Vibrations on managing your health, and Matthew and Son on work and money. Fresh Maps includes Won’t Get Fooled Again on changing your story, and My Generation, wisdom from others. If you remember the idealism of the 1960’s, this is a chance to renew it!

Out Of The Woods

This book is a guide for the maturing man: complete with route-finder, service areas, scenic highlights and emergency callout advice. It gathers the best wisdom and experience of many men on enjoying your best years to the full, on the skills you need to handle the losses and shipwrecks, and on how to grow through them. It offers insights, inspiration, practical advice and resources for further help.The aim is simple: enjoy life now!

The Natural Advantage- Renewing Yourself.

This pioneering book translates the principles and practices of organic farming, cultivated natural systems and sustainable development to show how individuals, teams and organisations can grow their resilience to stress, change and uncertainty, and improve their effectiveness and wellbeing.

Alan comments, “There has been huge progress in understanding environmental sustainability in recent decades, but few people recognise that there are similar issues around human sustainability. The human resources in many work organisations are being depleted and polluted in the drive for output: organic farming offers us a simple, vivid, practical model to change this.

The Natural Advantage has been published in the UK, US, Netherlands, Japan and elsewhere. The UK edition: ISBN 18578826-1-X: now out of print in the UK, but available second hand.”

The Find your gift in work Workbook

This is an 80-page, spiral-bound A4 workbook which will guide you through a process of exploration to identify the kind of work that would really fulfil  you, and make it happen. Here’s a list of the contents:

  1. Contact your Intuition: Provides you with a technique for getting in touch with your own inner sense of what you need, which is then used in the rest of the book.
  2. Meet Yourself – at last!: This helps you to get to know yourself better, particularly what you like and want from your work.
  3. Your Work in Perspective: Here you can explore your attitudes to work further, and the relationship between your work and the rest of your life.
  4. Face your Fears:  This section helps you to explore obstacles and fears which may have held you back in the past, and shows you how to overcome them.
  5. Open the Box: Drawing on the insights from the previous sections, here you can get in touch with your vision for the work you want to do in the future.
  6. Test Drive your Fantasy: How to check out and explore your vision of the work you like doing and the implications.
  7. Working with the System: Looking at the needs of the person or organisation you are dealing with, and ways you can both meet your needs.
  8. Following Through: Creating your own action plan, finding help and support.
  9. Further Help: Suggestions for books, workshops, centres which could be useful to you.

Cost: £14 to include post and packing. Available only from Alan: contact him here.

The Work Easy Workbook

This 58-page A4 workbook will help you to understand and manage the different forms of energy you use: emotional, physical, mental and inspirational. It’s a self-help guide with practical processes and advice. Here’s a list of the contents:

1. Introduction
How to use this Workbook. Key concepts: the four energy levels (physical, emotional, mental, macro); intuition; mirroring; the organic/natural approach. Conducting your own Personal Energy Audit.

2. Black hole or endless well: your emotional energy
Unfreezing the power of the positive; lifting the lid; exploring negative emotions; understanding and changing limiting habits, beliefs and feelings.

3. Your physical energy: the base and the face
The ‘bodyface’: how to diagnose and address issues at other levels through your physical condition; some complementary treatments for bodyface ailments; how to manage your physical energy; stress balancing: understanding stress, personal stress audit, stressors and de-stressors.

4. Macro energy: the power of inspiration
Recognising and developing your sources of macro/inspirational energy; suggested exercises and methods to receive macro energy; exercises for guidance and support.

5. Your mental energy: ace team or lazy monkeys?
Methods to develop the creative, intuitive right-side of the brain, including dialogue, drawings and creativity exercises; methods of using the logical, analytical, left-side of the brain, e.g. evaluation matrix, objectives and priority setting; methods of integrating the left and right sides; how to access the sub-conscious brain.

6. The energy of relationships
How to assess the energy of a relationship, using the four energy levels and other methods; energy tools for improving relationships; assertiveness: how to use energy effectively in communications; understanding the energy of teams.

7. Conclusions: integrate, sustain, explore
Integrating: further ways to integrate the four energy levels, and resolve any tensions between them, e.g. the energy dipstick, the team meeting. Sustaining methods for energy maintenance and repairs. Further exploration: how to deepen your understanding of energy management, e.g. the chakra energy centre model, spiritual healing, sub-personality work.

Cost: £14 to include post and packing. Available only from Alan: contact him here.

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