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Hope Over Winter

How seasonal gardening tips can help with your wellbeing.

The Tree Test

Try ‘The Tree Test’ with Alan Heeks on a workshop st Hawkwood College.

How Nature Helps Happiness

These days it’s getting harder to stay happy. Research shows that gardens are the best antidotes…

Cultivating Natural Happiness

Alan explains the gift of his unique approach and how it can help you.

Valuing Your Wild Margins

How wild margins can help your own happiness and wellbeing.

Nature versus Bad News

There’s so much bad news in the world today that it’s very easy to fall into despair or denial.

Natural Happiness: the Gardener's Way 'Composting'

Alan talks about his composting approach for happiness at one of his groups at Hazel Hill Wood.


Life Plans and Garden Plans

Life Plans and Garden Plans with Alan Heeks and Jane Sanders.


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