Introducing Natural Happiness

Alan Heeks explains how the Natural Happiness approach can help us in these stormy times, and why parallels with organic gardening can help us to cultivate our own wellbeing and resilience.

Seed 1: Nourish Your Roots - The Tree Test

A tree is highly resilient, thanks to the balance between roots, trunk and branches. So imagine yourself as a tree, and use this test to nourish your resilience.

Seed 2: Use Natural Energy Sources

The energy sources for organic gardens are natural, abundant and non-polluting: learn how to harness natural energy for yourself, such as appreciation and inspiration. 


Seed 3: Compost Your Troubles

The beauty of any natural cycle is that there is no waste: organic growers compost waste and muck as energy for future growth: see how humans can compost stress and anxiety as an energy source.

Seed 4: Co-creativity and Life Plans

How do you respond to change and uncertainty? Often we try to suppress it by imposing control; deny it; or give up. Organic growers show us how to work with creative tension, finding the ‘gift in the problem’. Explore how to use the co-creative approach in your life and work.


Seed 5: Cultivating Community - Wild Margins

In these uncertain times, people need community more than ever, but they may need new skills to make it work. Wild margins are a key part of organic ecosystems, and can help human groups of all kinds.

Seed 6: Growing through climate change

We can learn from cultivated ecosystems about wise responses to climate change, such as regenerative agriculture and adaptive methods. The Seven Seeds offer fresh perspectives on the big questions, and ways to help you find your focus and see how you can make a positive contribution, drawing on deeper connection with Nature.

Seed 7: Natural Inspiration

Inspiration and positive perspective really matter when we have to face so much uncertainty, and the troubles of the wider world. Nature immersion can help us find faith in a bigger perspective. As the climate crisis deepens, we need to align the needs of humans and the planet, and dialogue with nature through methods like attunement can help us to do this.

Cheer yourself up with garden delights

Alan offers you three simple ways that Nature contact can lift your mood quickly and easily. Ideally, do them in a garden, but you can also do them in your imagination!


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