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Enjoying your elderhood

The term elder is used with various meanings: I’m using it to invite you to connect with the mature wisdom in yourself, and in our ancestors. Traditional tribal cultures, such as the Native Americans, Celts, and Bedouin, had great wisdom, including the role of the...

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Born to be wild: fresh adventures

Everyday life these days can be uncertain and unsettling for anyone, and getting older may just seem to make that worse. It may feel tempting to settle into your rut, retreat into safety. In fact, you’re likely to be more happy and resilient if you open up to fresh...

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Pilgrim without map or boots

Fresh adventures in later years As we get older, we need fresh adventures to keep us growing. Two new experiences I’ve been enjoying are short pilgrimages and retreats. The difference between a pilgrimage and a walk is subtle: I’d say a pilgrim is walking with a...

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Dating Tips for Senior Singles

Learn new skills, have adventures…find true love! Picture the scene: I am a newly mature single sitting alone at a table for two, wearing smart casual gear which I hope looks suitable, I am waiting for my blind date, Jackie, to appear. To look my best, I am not...

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The Little Book of Hygge

Cosy friendship in all its forms: including tea, cake, candles! Many surveys show the Danes to be the happiest people in Europe and the world, and the quality of hygge seems to be one reason. Hygge, pronounced hoo-guh, is hard to define or translate: friendly cosiness...

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Fresh adventures for creative ageing

Discover yourself and have some fun as you grow older.   Everyday life these days can be uncertain and unsettling for anyone, and getting older may just seem to make that worse. It may feel tempting to settle into your rut, retreat into safety. In fact, you’re...

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Life Threatening Crises for Friends

Alan writes about his experiences of friends suffering from life threatening illness. In the past few months, the wives of two close friends have had late diagnoses of advanced cancer which could be fatal.  The husband of another friend has had a stroke.  At the...

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A view from age 56: Jane Sanders

My Armenian great grandfather Aram Assadour Altounyan swore by yogurt eating and daily cold showers – and lived into his late 90’s, still working as a surgeon in Syria. A family story is that at 93 he operated on his wife – hands still skilful and steady.

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A view from age 71: Gay

Turning 70 was fine. I couldn’t believe it in a way – I kept having to redo the maths to convince myself this huge number related to me. I really like being an ‘elder’! The tricky one for me was turning 50 – neither one thing or the other.

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How NOT to have a midlife crisis

The ‘hero’ of this book is Tubby Passmore, 58: balding, bulging, and thoroughly lost.  Although he’s outwardly successful – well-off, modestly well-known as scriptwriter for a top sitcom, with a steady if dull marriage, Tubby is depressed and confused.

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Natural Happiness Blogs


Working with Nature in Mind

Reclaiming our mental health and well-being through systemic thinking and ecopsychology practice. Guest blog by Roger Duncan We are currently living in strange and unsettling times, where it seems that contemporary culture is sleepwalking into a spiralling series of...

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Donald Trump and the Second Coming

This guest blog was written by Maria Trap, and is reproduced with her permission.It seems a suitable Christmas blog, though the plan’s not quite working as hoped… After more than 2000 years since the birth of his son God felt that it was more than time to stage the...

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The Overstory by Richard Powers

If you love trees, you’ll find this book fascinating: it’s a rich exploration of both trees and people, as individuals and groups, and how closely these two species affect each other. The Overstory follows the stories of a variety of humans – the common thread is that...

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Football as a map of the inner life

Deep insights from the World Cup With all the excitement of the World Cup, it seems appropriate to use football as a guide or metaphor for the inner life, or as one book title puts it, the game of life and how to play it. The image of the club is like your image in...

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The Why and What of Natural Happiness

Alan has been leading groups on natural happiness and resilience at Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury for years. He writes about 'The Story Behind Natural Happiness'…For four years the focus of my learning and teaching was resilience.  I believe it's a crucial skill set...

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The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg

Blog written by Lynn Murphy… I'm curious about habits, about what I do and why I do what I do even when I don’t want to! And why the habits that I don’t want seem to be ‘stickier’ than the supportive habits I’d prefer to be running my unconscious life. This interest...

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World’s happiest countries

It’s not about the money! The Happy Planet Index for 2016 again puts countries in Latin America and the Asia Pacific region at the top of the list, ahead of more ‘developed’ Western states. Unlike some other rankings, the HPI includes such factors as ecological...

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Why we all need comfort zones

Do you have too much change and uncertainty in your life? It seems that most of us do, and it’s unlikely to get easier soon. Instead of hoping that the overload will go away, it’s wiser to explore how to handle it better. One good way is comfort zones…

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Resilient Futures Blogs


Can elephants evolve?

Why reshaping the finance system is key to climate change. Since late 2018, my work has increasingly focused on climate adaptation: Jem Bendell’s Deep Adaptation approach has deepened my view of the crisis, but has also helped me to see ways I can respond...

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Six big questions for our times

and some ways to explore answers Have you ever had the experience of wandering, lost in the mist, and emerging to find you’re at a vantage point where you can see at least broadly where you are, and where you want to go? That’s the place I’ve reached...

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Deep Adaptation and climate change:

An intro to the work of Jem Bendell Since Summer 2018, several authoritative voices have started telling us that the outlook on climate change is a lot worse than most published forecasts suggest, and that we urgently need to understand the implications. The most...

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Thriving on Chaos

Still useful, 24 years on! This catchily-titled book was published in 1987, and was a management best-seller for years. Even then, new technologies, speed of change, intensifying competition were big issues. Whilst Tom Peters’ insights may not address all our current...

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A Sufi View of Climate Change

I’ve been exploring Sufi spiritual teachings for over twenty years, and felt it might be useful to explain how these help me to live with and respond to the climate crisis. My sense is that a spiritual path and practices can help a lot in this process. So what do I...

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This needs many mainstream miracles:

An update on the climate crisis The rapid rise in awareness of the climate change crisis since summer 2019 has been remarkable, and so are the causes. The Swedish teenager Greta Thonberg has been an extraordinary catalyst, leading to the school strikes. And grassroots...

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An ET view of earth

The Only Planet of Choice: book blog Are the mysteries of life on earth explainable from other planets? Someone once said, when you try to understand a situation, start with the probable, move on to the unlikely, and if need be, look at the almost incredible. This...

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Seeding our Future: a progress report

It’s now 6 years since I started my first project on future resilience, and 2 since the current one began. Now you can benefit, in a few minutes, from a few of the insights which several man-years of work have provided. These projects have been going long enough that...

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Learning from our Future Fears

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley I decided to re-read this book because several futures experts see it as a perceptive view of where our world is headed. Having read it, I can recommend the book as superbly written, and full of provoking insights. Brave New World is...

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Trees and Carbon Reduction

Crisis fatigue wears all of us down, so you may not be too aware that climate change is worsening. Our weather is a clue. For a useful objective update from the US National Climate Assessment, follow this link. Trees and agriculture have a major potential role to play...

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Dare to Imagine – delving into super-resilience

In October 2017 I co-led a weekend at Hazel Hill Wood called Dare to Imagine: Growing into the Future – exploring super-resilience with Nature’s help. When we gathered round a campfire on the Friday evening, I described this as a quest: a shared search for something valuable and elusive. It was certainly a fruitful adventure.

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