Exploring Super Resilience with Alan Heeks at Hawkwood College, Stroud

The next decade is set to bring even more challenges and turbulence. How can we develop the wisdom and skills of super-resilience to sustain the wellbeing of individuals, communities and their front-line services, in the years ahead? This is a chance to explore the future and evolve your own strategies, through a mix of enquiry, process, briefing and group discussion.

Both individuals and organisations are finding the future outlook too alarming to contemplate: but there are great opportunities as well as threats. This group is intended to explore both feelings and facts, to provide confidence, skills and information which will help you to make good choices and thrive in the years ahead. Come and unpack your hopes and fears for the future, supported by processes and expertise from the Seeding our Future project, founded by Alan Heeks in 2016 www.futurescanning.org

The workshop will be shaped around the needs of participants: we can explore issues that affect individuals, communities, and the front-line services (such as health, local authorities, and voluntary sector groups) who support them. Set in 42 acres, Hawkwood provides a tranquil, welcoming environment that supports positive change and creative thinking.

You will have the chance to learn from two initiatives which Seeding our Future is leading. Future Conversations: enables individuals and community groups to explore their needs, hopes and worries about the future, supported by relevant processes and knowhow. You will have a chance to have your own Future Conversation. Re-visioning Front-Line Services is an Action Learning Programme, helping leaders of front-line teams to develop super-resilience skills: we will explore this approach in the group.


Alan Heeks is a group leader, writer and social entrepreneur with a focus on helping people grow their resilience and wellbeing through contact with Nature, and learning from parallels with ecosystems. Since 2012, Alan has been exploring the challenges of the next 10-20 years, and how resilience will need to grow further: this led to the creation of the Seeding our Future project in 2016. Alan is also founder and Chair of Hazel Hill Wood, an educational charity which runs a 70-acre retreat centre near Salisbury. Alan’s main website is www.naturalhappiness.co.uk.

Katie Lloyd-Nunn is programme and communications manager of Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking which she co-founded in 2014. For thirty years she has been active in pioneering education practices which foster self-awareness, empowerment and resilience in our emerging world; at the Findhorn Foundation, Ragman’s Lane Farm and Hawkwood. She brings experience in self-enquiry and embodied presence with a love of nature, conversation, fun and spontaneity – all traits of super-resilience.

Jose Augusto Barco is a community organiser and group process artist, founder of Community CoLab and a former founding director of Community Organisers Ltd. Jose’s work is mainly focused on building capacity and creating spaces for conversation, collaboration, participation, co-design and self-organisation in social ecosystems, communities and organisations, mainly using Art of Hosting as his operational system and drawing on his community organiser experience. His work is also influenced by his Colombian culture, musical roots and permaculture practice.


This non-profit project aims to identify and share ways that individuals, communities and public service providers in the UK can grow their resilience skills and wisdom in order to thrive and adapt amid the new pressures and opportunities of the years ahead. It is founded and directed by Alan Heeks. SOF is working in partnership with several other organisations, including Schumacher Institute, The Centre for Future Thinking, and Westminster Centre for Resilience for the project website, click here. There are three main projects within SOF:

–          Front-Line Futures: running nature-based resilience training for doctors and others in the NHS.

–          Re-Visioning Front-Line Services: See below

–          Future Conversations: See below

Future Conversations: the aim of this project is to offer facilitation and knowhow to help disadvantaged individuals and communities to explore the upsides and downsides of the next 10-20 years, and to gain the confidence and resilience skills to thrive in the years ahead. Jose Barco is leading work on this project. Exploratory conversations are underway with a number of local partners, with the aim of starting pilot programmes in early 2019.

Re-visioning Frontline Services: An action learning programme for leaders in small charities and public service providers designed for leaders and managers in small organisations, or team leaders in large ones, who want to initiate positive change. The 6-month programme includes three 24-hour residentials at Hazel Hill Wood, a 70-acre woodland retreat centre near Salisbury, plus support between sessions. The programme starts with a workshop on October 30/31. See more here.

Enjoying the 2020’s – Wising up to Super Resilience

October 15th-16th 2018

at Hawkwood College, Stroud


Organised by partners in Seeding our Future: social innovator Alan Heeks, Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking, and The Schumacher Institute.

VENUE: Hawkwood College, Stroud GL6 7QW

Cost for individuals and charities:

£170 single room; £150 shared p.p.

Cost for organisations: £220 single room

Non-residential option £90 (incl. meals except breakfast)

Delicious home-cooked meals &  refreshments included.

Course starts 10.30am Monday, ends 4.30pm Tuesday.

Limited spaces: Book Now!

Visit: www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk