Natural Happiness: Online Event | March 20

Deepening the Roots of Resilience

This event is hosted by the Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP)

Alan Heeks shares some powerful insights from his new book, Natural Happiness, and from his research on raising community resilience.

Compost your troubles!

Alan has been exploring parallels between environmental and human sustainability for many years, moving from a successful business career to starting a 130-acre organic farm from scratch. His new book, Natural Happiness, shows how we can cultivate human nature using parallels with organic farms and gardens, such as composting for stress, and crop rotation to avoid burnout. See more on this website.

Alan’s unique approach also shows how we can learn from sustainable ecosystems about resilient work teams and communities, and find new ways to face into the climate crisis, for example, through parallels with regenerative agriculture.

He will also share findings from research commissioned by his Seeding our Future project on resources to help local communities grow their resilience to climate change, food security and other issues of our times.

The workshop will include time for questions and discussion, and Alan would welcome collaboration with ASP members in these projects. You can contact him at .

This event is open to everyone.

Cost: Free

Timings: From 6.30-8.00pm, March 20

Online: Details will be forwarded after booking

More information and bookings: Click here.