The first four Resources below, with blue headings, form part of the Resource Toolkit for Alan’s forthcoming book. Below this, with green headings, you will find a range of Resources for general use.

The Diamond Process: drawing on both sides of the brain

As we try to handle ever more complexity and uncertainty in our lives, co-creative skills are essential. Co-creativity is about both-and, combining action and reflection, balancing your needs and aims with the realities of the situation and other people in it. One way...

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The Seven Seeds Resilience Audit

This quick questionnaire will help your current levels of resilience, which have a big influence on your general happiness. Write down your score from 1 to 10 for each question...   A. Nourishing your roots Using the tree test, are your roots, trunk and branches...

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Cycles of progress map

This tool is an invitation to map your progress over time, including the ups and downs, and to celebrate both, and see if there are any cycles involved.   During my 20 years in business management and my Harvard MBA studies, progress was always defined as linear...

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Friendship Tips

Cultivating a garden takes some dedication and skill, and friendships need this too. One of the big improvements in my 50s and 60s has been more and better friendships.  These friendships oil the gearbox of life: lubricating changes and crises which could be...

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Natural Happiness

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