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Alan joins Bob Nickman in this episode from The Exploding Human: Natural Happiness and the Nature of Nature.

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ALAN HEEKS is an inspiring guide to helping people cultivate their wellbeing through parallels with Nature. After a Harvard MBA and successful career managing building materials businesses, Alan has spent 30 years creating nature-based learning venues, and leading groups there. In 1990, he started Magdalen Environmental Trust, converting 130 acres to a mixed organic farm. Since 1992 he has created Hazel Hill Wood as a 70-acre conservation wood and retreat centre. Alan has led many workshops with his Seven Seeds of Natural Happiness approach, including individuals, community groups, and NHS doctors.

Alan and his wife Linda live in Dorset and grow much of their own vegetables. We all need super-resilience in these turbulent times: gardening skills are a great model for this. Alan talks about: climate change, water, regenerative agriculture, talking with trees, human speed vs. nature speed and his new book… Natural Happiness, which can help you dig deep and stay cheerful in these stormy times. It shows how you can use gardening methods such as composting, mulching, and crop rotation to cultivate human nature, too. A gardener applies skills like observation, patience and creativity – and you can adapt them to deal with daily stresses and big issues such as climate change. Alan’s approach is positive and practical, easy to use for gardeners and others. Natural Happiness explores Alan’s Seven Seeds of Natural Happiness, which grows from 30 years’ experience of helping people learn from nature, and from creating gardens and an organic farm.