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Alan Heeks in interview with the Rev. Carol Saunders from The Spiritual Forum.

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Alan Heeks left his successful business career to start an organic farm from scratch. This bold transition led him to profound insights about cultivating human nature.🌱 In this episode, Alan shares about the importance of engaging deeply with nature. You will also learn how organic methods, such as nourishing our roots, composting stress, and maintaining wild margins can help us thrive and create solutions in our everyday lives. At 22 minutes, Alan leads us in a short tree meditation to facilitate self discovery.

Bio: Alan Heeks is a wellbeing expert and author who had a successful business career before following a wild impulse and starting an organic farm from scratch, with zero experience. His Natural Happiness approach has helped him through his life crises, and his new book, Natural Happiness: Use Organic Gardening Skills to Cultivate Yourself, has grown from the many workshops he has led for individuals, community groups, and NHS doctors.

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Reflections from the Rev. Carol Saunders

With Earth Day being celebrated this week, I thought it a good time to publish my conversation with Wales UK resident, Alan Heeks. His story is wonderful. I find it fascinating when people totally ditch a successful corporate career to enter a completely new field. In Alan’s case, it was a literal field, and one he knew nothing about – farming.

In our conversation, Alan takes the idea of getting back to nature a whole lot deeper than many of us ponder. What are the trees and the soil and the insects teling us? What can we learn about ourselves and our spiritual development? What does organic farming tell us about community design? When he discusses the practice of wild margins, there is an obvious parallel to how we would create and maintain a healthy community. Not only is there a place for ALL of us, but we need everybody! Monocropping, or having a society comprised of people who all think the same, is not healthy.

It was truly a privilege to have this conversation with Alan. His meditation at 22 minutes is one I plan to use in the future. 🙂 What did you learn about yourself?

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