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Endorsements for the book

Natural Happiness is inspiring and practical. Based on decades of hands-on experience, Alan Heeks entwines gardening strategies with mindful exercises that are proven to improve your wellbeing. His approach also has a poetic and ecologically sensitive side as he draws parallels between our personal challenges and the fragile state of Gaia our planet. If you are looking for a helpful, grounded and realistic approach; if you love nature and gardening; if you want to improve your wellbeing — then this short and friendly book is for you.

Dr William Bloom, international author and educator

If you wanted to improve your life by growing just one thing, what would you choose? ‘Yourself’ is Alan’s answer and I agree. He’s mapped out so beautifully how we can do this, growing not only our wellbeing and resilience, but also our rootedness in the world. As someone who’s inspired by projects Alan has developed, I’m so pleased he’s sharing his practical vision and approach in this book.

Dr Chris Johnstone, co-author of Active Hope, leading expert in resilience and well-being

Alan Heeks’ wise book offers subtle but powerful ways to restore happiness in our lives. We can cultivate wellbeing like gardeners cultivate their gardens, noticing the essentials — soil, sun, air, compost and water — and making small adjustments to increase a vibrancy. Our happiness can grow as we tend, rather than fix, what ails us.

Vicki Robin, leading US author and social innovator

Workshops and coaching

“I loved the model. It is a lovely way to reflect on personal wellbeing as an integrated part of nature.”

“I have learned how to deepen my roots: they have an intelligence of where to find what they need, so listen to their guidance.”

“Comparing myself with an ecosystem helped me to realise that I am in the stage when bare ground is covered by brambles: it looks messy, but it is protecting new young growth underneath.”

Alan with a Natural Happiness group at Hazel Hill Wood

“The composting metaphor is brilliant, and I have realised that there is still a lot of composting to do, to help me reach the happiness I want.”

“The Seven Seeds has enabled me to sink deeper into myself, and from that place, observe deeply.”

“A garden embodies a mix of chaos and order, and I can see how I can learn from this for my own ecosystem.”

“The Seven Seeds has shown me how to cultivate a sense of rhythm and balance within, which travels with me.”

“I feel that things are unfurling for me in an unexpected, positive way, because I really feel these parallels with a cultivated garden.”

“This workshop has helped me to feel more decisive, and it has given space and guidance to enable things to unfold organically. It was inspiring as well as restorative, looking at parallels between a woodland ecosystem and my own personal ecosystem to grow my own wellbeing.”

“The weekend has been a timely intervention in my life, helping me to gain some essential insights which will guide my direction in terms of sustaining myself better, and finding the nourishment I need to do the work of service to the Earth.”

“It was a lovely opportunity to spend time alone with nature, in a safe environment, and has helped me to explore personal resilience as a growth path.”

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