Elderhood: A Sacred, Earthy Calling? 

A men’s peer group: December 1-3 

Llanthony Valley, Black Mountains, Wales 


We’re living in a world of rising crisis and turmoil. We’re growing older, we have some talents and resources, but limited time here. How do we use them? What’s the balance between nourishing our souls/the inner life, and doing what we can for the troubles around us? Is elderhood, and the fellowship of elders, a path that can help?  

This will be a peer group for a maximum of seven men, organised by Alan Heeks: we will shape the way we use the time together. Our venue is Trwyn Tal, a 30-acre hill farm with amazing views and upland walks, set in the sacred landscape of the Llanthony Valley, in the Black Mountains, extremely quiet, but accessible: about half an hour from Abergavenny (nearest train station), and about 1.5 hours from Bristol by car. We will have a spacious self-catering cottage as our base, plus bedrooms in the farmhouse. See more at www.welshmountainretreat.com. The cost for accommodation will be £155, and we will share food purchases and cooking between us. For more info or bookings, please contact Alan Heeks:  or 07494 203014.

Our venue: Trwyn Tal in the Llanthony Valley, Wales