Our Generations: multi-generation Conservation Weekend

at Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury

October 5-7

All welcome, from 7 – 77+!

Conservation weekends at Hazel Hill are always lots of fun. This is a great way to help care for this magical wood, learn about its ecology and wildlife, and enjoy good food and company. We have a special theme for this weekend: celebrating and involving older people, and inviting them to join us individually, or with their adult children or grandchildren.

October 1 is International Day of Older Persons, and October 7 is Silver Sunday in the UK: a day of free events for older people. This year also sees the publication of Alan Heeks’ second book on creative ageing: Not Fade Away: Staying Happy When You’re Over 64! We will be weaving this theme through our conservation weekend. On the Sunday afternoon, Alan will be hosting an Elders’ Circle: an invitation to share your experiences and insights around how to grow older happily and healthily, and for Alan to share his.

Our conservation work will be on the Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning. We have projects to suit all fitness levels: no previous experiences needed. Potential tasks include tree thinning and planting, path maintenance, and wildlife surveys. Please come prepared to be outside for the day, considering the weather. All people are welcome, from age 7 to 70+: children should be accompanied by a responsible family member.

Afternoon Elders’ Circle

The Elders’ Circle will be 2pm-4pm on Sunday afternoon and is also open to people who are not participating in the conservation weekend. Anyone age 50 or over is welcome to come and participate, and others of any age are welcome to listen and observe. This session is free of charge for all.


Reserve the date!

Hazel Hill is a magical 70-acre wood, with off-grid wooden buildings, hot tub, campfires and beautiful open spaces. You can sleep in comfortable, heated indoor rooms, or camp. We’ll share cooking and other work between us.

Cost including food and sleeping loft or camping: £80 for adults, £30 for under 16’s. Some private rooms available at a small premium.

For bookings and enquiries, please contact:

Nicola Green: , 07854 089239

Find out more about the wood at www.hazelhill.org.uk