Finding positive growth in crisis times

Online workshop Wednesday 20 May, 2.00-5.00 pm

With Alan Heeks and Karim Hadden 

Any crisis brings opportunity as well as loss.  This half-day online group is a chance to find and nurture seeds of hope: for yourself, for your community, and for our planet.​

The pandemic has already prompted a lot of positive change, as well as hardship: personal acts of generosity, communities acting together, governments stepping in.  Already we’re asking what can we learn here for the future, how do we ensure things don’t go back to the old normal?  And how we grow through coronavirus will assuredly help us to adapt to the ongoing climate crisis.  We’ll draw on a variety of approaches, including: 

  • Ways to find our creative potential and draw on our unique gifts
  • Shared practices to help us connect with our sense of purpose and with mutual support: sacred songs and meditative movement (body prayer).
  • Exploring the range of ways that we can make a positive contribution in a time of crisis
  • Creation spirituality teachings to help us find our positive role in the unfolding story of Gaia, Mother Earth.
  • Exploring how to deepen our sense of community and grow towards the kind of future we want to see  with others 

Alan Heeks has focused on future resilience since 2012, leading a range of projects and workshops. His non-profit Seeding our Future project works with individuals, community groups and public service providers. He has been nominated by Jem Bendell as a Deep Adaptation advocate. See,  

Karim Hadden is a highly experienced leader of devotional chants and Dances of Universal Peace, a form of Body Prayer. He has followed the path of Universal Sufism for many years, and works as a craniosacral therapist.