This quick questionnaire will help your current levels of resilience, which have a big influence on your general happiness. Write down your score from 1 to 10 for each question…


A. Nourishing your roots

Using the tree test, are your roots, trunk and branches strong and in balance?

  • Are your roots strong enough to give you stability and enough resources?
  • Is your trunk/core both strong and flexible?
  • Are your branches and fruits in balance with your roots and trunk, or over extended?

10 = Weak, Unbalanced – 0  = Strong and Healthy

B. Composing the crap

Do “waste issues” (e.g. anxiety, setbacks, conflict) accumulate and pollute your energy, or do you recycle them as a source of future growth?

10 = Severe build-up – 0 = Totally recycled

C. Energy sources

Are the energy sources motivating you mostly forced, stressful and polluting, or are they mostly natural, clean, organic (e.g. enthusiasm, inspiration)?

10 = Highly Stressful – 0 = Mostly natural

D. Co-creative approaches

Does your approach to life and work rely on push and stress: is it less flexible than the demands on you?  Can you combine active push with receptive flow, and find the synergy in tension and uncertainty?

10 = Fixed approaches, low adaptability – 0 = Highly flexible, synergistic

E. Harnessing despair, growing inspiration

When things feel too much in your life or the world, do you have ways to face this, and find fresh support and inspiration, or do you try to suppress the despair?

10 = Always suppress – 0 = Always do this

F. Strength from community

Do you give and receive a lot in groups in your work, and life generally?  Or do you depend on your own resources

10 = Always rely on myself – 0 = Give and receive a lot

G. Enjoying the journey

Are you mostly able to focus on the gifts of here and now, or do you mostly worry about achieving future outcomes?

10 = Mostly worry about future outcomes – 0 = Mostly enjoy here and now


Add up your scores for all 10 questions: if your total score is over 60, your resilience and wellbeing probably need significant attention.