Creative Ageing Videos

Alan's new book 'Not Fade Away'

Explaining the key parts of ‘Not Fade Away’ and how it can enable you to enjoy your vintage years

Ageing and Renewal: Gardens and People

What can we learn about creative ageing from a garden?

Exploring Elderhood

Looking for a role model to carry wisdom for yourself and society.

Men Beyond 50: Why I wrote the book

Alan talks about writing his book Out of the Woods: a guide to life for men beyond 50.

Natural Happiness Videos

Cultivating Natural Happiness

Alan explains the gift of his unique approach and how it can help you.

How Nature Helps Happiness

These days it’s getting harder to stay happy. Research shows that gardens are the best antidotes…

The Tree Test

Try ‘The Tree Test’ with Alan Heeks on a workshop st Hawkwood College.

Natural Happiness: the Gardener's Way 'Composting'

Alan talks about his composting approach for happiness at one of his groups at Hazel Hill Wood.


Resilient Futures Videos

Future Conversations

Future Conversations is launched…

Exploring Super Resilience

Alan describes how we all need resilience and learning from nature can help us.

Nature versus Bad News

There’s so much bad news in the world today that it’s very easy to fall into despair or denial.

Valuing Your Wild Margins

How wild margins can help your own happiness and wellbeing.

Resilience - community, personal, and disaster

Excerpt from Alan Heeks’ Oxford Hub talk on resilience.

Wising up to Super-resilience

Alan Heeks talks to Jane Saunders about the Seeding our Future project and latest events.


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