Wild & Well Festival, Bristol, October 2018

Wild & Well is a new style of wellbeing festival for anyone who wants to live in a healthier, happier, more connected way.

Saturday Workshop:


Ageing Creatively

October 20


When you’re over 50, 60 and beyond you may have exciting new freedom and choices, but you could also be facing losses and uncertainty. Midlife and upwards is a great time to reinvent yourself, find new strengths, fresh choices, learn new skills and kick out old fears. Alan Heeks is a writer and workshop leader who has explored these topics for many years, and can offer you plenty of practical wisdom, drawing on his two books on the subject.


Alan Heeks

Alan is a natural happiness writer, group leader and social entrepreneur with a passion for wellbeing, resilience and learning from nature. He’s been running workshops and retreats for over 20 years, many at his woodland retreat centre, Hazel Hill Wood, near Salisbury. His books include Out of the Woods: A Guide to Life for Men Beyond 50 and The Natural Advantage. His latest book is Not Fade Away, a guide to creative ageing which also shares what we can learn from the Spirit of the Sixties.


We The Curious One Millennium Square, Anchor Rd, Harbourside, BRISTOL BS1 5DB


Visit the Wild & Well festival website to book tickets to The Hero’s Journey workshop on Saturday October 20th at We The Curios. Click here for the Ageing Creatively workshop listing