Secrets of Natural Happiness: Mind Body Spirit Festival | May 26

Deepen your roots and blossom through the storms of midlife and beyond: cultivate your human nature with the skills that organic gardeners use. For example, organic systems compost waste to give energy for growth: learn how to compost negative feelings and stress as a natural energy source. Use the Diamond Process to grow through the confusions of midlife co-creatively. Align with the seasons of Nature, use crop rotation to renew vitality. This will be a highly interactive workshop, where you can experience Natural Happiness, and apply it to your own situation.

Facilitator: Alan Heeks

Alan Heeks became a wellbeing expert by guiding himself through midlife shipwrecks. He is a Harvard MBA and successful businessman, who at 42 dropped out into organic gardening. His midlife challenges included divorce, a cancer scare, and redundancy: he discovered that his organic gardening skills enabled him to reinvent himself and thrive again. Alan has written two books on creative ageing, Out of the Woods, and Not Fade Away, and his latest book, Natural Happiness, shows how to use organic skills to cultivate human nature.

Cost: Free event at the Mind Body Spirit Festival

Timings: from 10.30-11.30am, Sunday May 26.

Location: Mind Body Spirit Festival, London Olympia

Festival tickets: Via the Mind Body Spirit Festival website.